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Book review: Notre-Dame de Paris by Kathy Borrus

Book review: Notre-Dame de Paris by Kathy Borrus – France Today

On April 15 last year, the world watched in horror as Notre-Dame burned down in the heart of Paris. Kathy Borrus’ book offers a fascinating look at nine centuries of this monument, witness to some of the most important events in French history. A marvel of Gothic architecture, the first stone of Notre-Dame was laid in 1163 and construction was completed in 1345.

It has served as a place of worship and refuge, the site of royal weddings, coronations and funerals, and is on every Parisian tourist’s must-see list – not to mention its role in Victor Hugo’s inspiring classic . The Hunchback of Notre Dame. With the cathedral wounded but still standing, the world is now watching the rebuilding process begin.

Notre Dame of Paris tells the story of this beloved building through striking, and sometimes rare, archival photographs, leaving us in no doubt as to why it holds such a place in our hearts.

‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ by Kathy Borrus, published by Black Dog & Leventhal

Excerpt from France Today magazine. For more book reviews from France Today, click here

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