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Iconic and revered, Notre Dame de Paris faces an uncertain future

Iconic and revered, Notre Dame de Paris faces an uncertain future

Broken gargoyles and fallen railings replaced with plastic pipes and wooden planks. Flying buttresses darkened by pollution and eroded by rainwater. Pinnacles supported by beams and held together by straps.

According to Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris, the iconic Parisian cathedral is “desperately in need of attention”. Perhaps even more worryingly, the French holy site and national monument is also in “a worrying state of conservation”. Constructed of limestone – a material notoriously susceptible to erosion – the building is in a state of accelerated wear, requiring renewed funding efforts and expertise to secure its immediate and long-term future. From the lead roof to the stone buttresses, from the world famous gargoyles to the stained glass windows, every inch of the structure requires different levels of attention.

A new budget established by the organization breaks down into cold hard numbers the scope of the current project. Currently, a total of $110 million will be required to carry out urgent, intermediate and longer-term repairs.

You can find out more about the restoration project, here.

News via The New York Times.

How a novel saved Notre-Dame and changed perceptions of Gothic architecture

A few years ago, while visiting or rather while exploring Notre-Dame, the author of this book found, in a dark corner of one of the towers, this word engraved on the wall: ‘ANÁΓKH These Greek characters, black with age, and cut deep in stone with the peculiarities of form and arrangement common to Gothic calligraphy which marked them the work of some hand in the Middle Ages, and above all the sad and mournful meaning which they expressed, strongly impressed the author.