Palace of versailles

Palace of Versailles VR lets you virtually explore the historic castle

Today, for the sake of accessibility, more and more museums are putting their collections online. While most institutions choose to simply digitize and catalog photographs of their objects, some go beyond that by offering virtual tours of their premises and clickable exhibits. The latest site to take this technologically impressive route is the Palace of Versailles, a historic castle located just outside of Paris.

Created in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture and available at To smoke, Versailles: the castle is yours, takes users on a guided tour of the hunting lodge-turned-castle. A “technological first in the cultural world,” this VR experience was designed using photogrammetry, a technique that creates three-dimensional models from ordinary photographs.

In this case, the tool transformed 4 TB of data and 15 billion pixels collected by Google into a realistic rendering of the famous Royal State Apartments, the Chapel, the Opera House and the Hall of Mirrors of the palace and, well sure, of the treasures stored there. “As well as a detailed reconstruction of the rooms”, the Palace Explain“The app includes high-definition photos of works of art from the Palace”, including decorative art objects belonging to Marie-Antoinette and rare royal family portraits.

The best part? Versailles: the castle is yours allows you to discover the popular site in peace. Attracting over 6 million visitors a year, the site is among France’s most popular attractions, making this crowd-free experience all the more appealing.

Visit Versailles wherever you are with Versailles: The Palace is Yours, a one-of-a-kind VR experience.

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