Notre-dame de paris


The exhibition’s North American debut at the National Building Museum comes on the third anniversary of the 2019 fire that tore through the cathedral and crosses September 26, 2022. This is the first interactive technology exhibit presented at the Museum.

To navigate through the exhibition, each visitor will use a HistoPad™, touch tablet developed by Histovery, to offer an immersive and interactive journey transporting visitors in time. Visitors can explore the cathedral under construction in the Middle Ages, the coronation of Emperor Napoleon I and the iconic Viollet-le-Duc spire being erected.

The exhibition is offered in a visually transporting immersive physical setting. Vinyl replicas of the Cathedral floor, stained glass transfers on the Museum’s historic windows, audio of Our Lady organs and bells, as well as a projection of the cathedral’s famous rose window, complete the multisensory experience.

The exhibition includes large photo panels and models of the cathedral, including a chimera and a life-size statue. Visitors can scroll through a timeline of the cathedral’s construction history as they learn about its intricate architectural structure and construction techniques.

The exhibition looks back on the tragic fire that ravaged Our Lady on April 15, 2019 and offers an up-close look at the brave Paris firefighters who fought for hours to preserve the building and its treasures as much as possible.

The current restoration of the building is a major focus of the exhibition, as the HistoPads allow visitors to see workers in action reconstructing the elaborate architecture and rebuilding this sacred cathedral, including the stabilization required after the fire.

“The National Building Museum is the perfect location for this exhibit, which will make its U.S. debut,” said Bruno de Sa Moreira, Co-founder and CEO of Histovery. The Museum was created to preserve and celebrate the arts of construction and its mission is to inspire curiosity about the world we design and build.”

Aileen Fuchs, President and Executive Director of the National Building Museum, added: “We are delighted to present this first exhibition at the United States, and I think it offers a new way to experience one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Visitors will discover how technology can contribute to our understanding of buildings. The unique and immersive virtual nature of the exhibit provides a window into this World Heritage Site.”

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