Palace of versailles

Alain Ducasse’s Ore restaurant at the Palace of Versailles

The opening of the new restaurant of the starred chef at the Palace of Versailles is announced for September, as Alain Ducasse announced to us in May. The official announcement came Monday, June 20 in a joint press release from the Alain Ducasse Company and the Palace of Versailles. Interviewed in May on the occasion […]

Palace of versailles

Alain Ducasse’s Palace of Versailles restaurant opens in September

French mega-chef Alain Ducasse has announced plans to open a restaurant at the Palace of Versailles in April, and now it looks like the launch date is approaching. Ducasse revealed a schedule that targets a September debut for Ore, which will offer separate lunch and dinner experiences. “During the day, the Ore restaurant is an […]

Palace of versailles

Olafur Eliasson at the Palace of Versailles, Paris

Hydraulic works: Olafur Eliasson creates a deluge in Versailles Investing in the grand sprawl that is the Palace of Versailles and its sprawling gardens is no small feat, as Danish-Icelandic visual artist Olafur Eliasson discovered. The artist, who has presented his work all over the world, notably with The weather project at the Tate Modern […]

Palace of versailles

A spectacular waterfall takes over the Palace of Versailles

Continue reading below Our featured videos Eliasson’s transformative works were commissioned as part of a recurring summer project that previously invited artists such as Jeff Koons and Anish Kapoor. The breathtaking waterfall installation falls from a height of around 40 meters and was created to fulfill the plans of Louis XIV’s garden architect, André Le […]

Palace of versailles

olafur eliasson invests the palace of versailles

For eight years, the Palace of Versailles has hosted a series of exhibitions which see internationally renowned artists interacting between their own work and the architecture of the French monument. this summer, olafur eliasson brings a sequence of spatial interventions to versailles — with waterfalls, fog, mirrors and luminous landscapes installed around the gardens and […]

The louvre

Closure of the Louvre proves that art cannot survive climate change | Art and design

One of the oldest human illusions is that culture is a conquest or an escape from nature. It is an illusion that we must abandon quickly. We might harbor a desperate dream that while the benign post-glaciation climate that made civilization possible is destroyed by our own folly and greed, our own creations will survive. […]

The louvre

In France, are the soldiers in front of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre really worth it?

PARIS – They are known as “Operation Sentinel”, the hulking soldiers in camouflage uniforms who patrol under the Eiffel Tower and outside the Louvre with FAMAS assault rifles. Together they form a massive security operation of some 10,000 French soldiers deployed immediately after the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff in January 2015 and […]

Notre-dame de paris

The Astana Opera will create “Notre-Dame de Paris” on June 24 and 25

ASTANA – The public will have the chance to witness the ballet as it was conducted half a century ago, as the Astana Opera House will present its premiere of “Notre-Dame de Paris” on June 24 and 25. . The National Opera and Ballet Theater will dance Roland Petit’s 1965 choreography to music by Maurice […]