Palace of versailles

The wedding of Leslie Cohen Amon and Ronen Chichportich at the Palace of Versailles

Photo: Stephanie Fishwick For the invitation, we were really inspired by a Louis XVI–meets–Garden of Eden–meets–L’Orangerie. Apart from these general themes, I gave carte blanche to my calligrapher, Stephanie Fishwick. The invitations were meant to make guests feel like they were about to enter a different world. For the logo, I wanted to use Erté, […]

Eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower: information and facts

Whether you are lucky enough to have visited Paris or have only dreamed of going there, chances are you know the most beloved monument of the French capital: the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower, La Tour Eiffel in French, was the main exhibit of the Paris World’s Fair – or Exposition Universelle – of 1889. […]

Palace of versailles

A Chinese transforms a factory into a fake “Château de Versailles”

Chinese tourists can now enjoy its own “Château de Versailles”, a baroque art museum transformed into a factory by its owner in the city of Qingyuan, located in the province of Guangdong, in southern China. As the first art museum of its kind in both the city and the province, it replicates the interior design […]