Notre-dame de paris

How to rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris?

Since the tragic fire of Notre-Dame de Paris, no one talks about anything other than its reconstruction. It is a noble project. It will be a spectacular project. But it is also the sign of great ingenuity, even pretentious naivety. Certainly, we have the necessary materials: the oaks for the framework devastated by the flames, […]

Palace of versailles

More than 600 guests attend a costume party at the Palace of Versailles

A costume party at the Palace of Versailles allowed 630 guests to realize their 18th century dreams on Monday evening. The annual event attracts fashion and history buffs from around the world. “You really feel like you’re living in the era, in the 18th century, and the people are so beautiful. It’s really great to […]

Notre-dame de paris

Press review: The fire of Notre-Dame de Paris seen from abroad

THE SIGN OF A COLLAPSE OF RELIGION “Notre-Dame is burning and certain statistics come to mind. Like those on the desert that are French vocations, showing that 58 dioceses out of 98 last year did not even have a priestly ordination (and Paris in constant decline compared to previous years). Or like those on the […]

Notre-dame de paris

Mass at Notre-Dame de Paris requested for the month of June

The Archdiocese of Paris is questioning the public authorities about the possibility of celebrating a mass inside Notre-Dame Cathedral, partially devastated by a fire whose origin has not yet been established on April 15, 2019. the duration – indefinite – of the work, Notre-Dame will remain the cathedral of Parisians. It was on the mic […]

Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower closed because of a man climbing a Parisian monument

He is now under police control, a Paris police spokesperson told CNN. His motivation for climbing the Parisian monument remains unclear. Authorities closed the tower and began evacuating visitors after the man was first spotted. The situation lasted just over seven hours before the mountaineer was captured. Photos and videos of the individual climbing the […]

Notre-dame de paris

Devotion and Debate: Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris | News

News reporter and Grant resident Shannon Riley was traveling to Paris the day after the Notre Dame fire. She was visiting her daughter Olivia Genereux, a 2012 Mahtomedi graduate who has been working in the French capital for six months and is celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Joe Genereux. It was Riley’s report […]