Eiffel tower

7 golden goats were placed in front of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate Messi’s 7th Ballon d’Or

Seven golden goats have been placed in front of the Eiffel Tower after Lionel Messi’s historic 7th Ballon d’Or win on Tuesday. Adidas unveiled these seven statues of golden goats in front of the Eiffel Tower, which will travel to various locations in Paris to celebrate the Argentinian’s achievement.

The seven goats stand for the acronym ‘GOAT’ which football fans use to define Leo Messi. GOAT is short for “Greatest Of All Time”. Party time has arrived for the Parisians.

Look at this photo of the Eiffel Tower:

Messi currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain, a club based in Paris. He won the men’s Ballon d’Or for a record seventh time, ending the year on a high after a brilliant final season with Barcelona and winning his first major international trophy with Argentina.

Messi finished with 613 points against Bayern Munich and Poland’s top prolific striker Robert Lewandowski on 580. Lionel Messi, in his Ballon d’Or acceptance speech, said the Bayern Munich player deserved to win the prize in 2020. “I would like to mention Robert Lewandowski, it was a real honor to compete with you. Everyone knows that and we agree that you were the winner last year. I think France Football should award you your 2020 Ballon d’Or – you deserve it and you should have it at home,” Messi said.