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A French furniture brand decorates the Eiffel Tower for a duo of dancers [drone video]

Remember Netflix’s mattress campaign Emily in Paris where they put a bed in “the most irresistibly Instagrammable places” around Paris? We may have just discovered Netflix’s real inspiration for this campaign: a French designer furniture brand called BoboChic.

Imagined in a Parisian café in 2015, BoboChic is an internet product and knows how to seduce a young audience very well via social networks. By their own admission, audacity is the watchword of this young French brand. And their advertising campaigns have seen them place their sumptuous and strikingly beautiful sofas in nature – under the Eiffel Tower, at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe and next to the Louvre.

In their latest publicity video – which is shot using a drone (yay!) – they have two professional dancers, Soleila Chaou and Danielle Sibilli, doing shock moves to Eiffel Tower. And yes, the iconic sofas appear in the background, adding a splash of color to the iconic structure. Looked:

One-on-one with the video director of the Eiffel Tower drone

DroneDJ reached out to Little Shao, an internationally acclaimed culture and dance photographer and director of this video. He shot the campaign with his DJI Inspire 2 drone. Explaining that he came up with the concept with the help of his girlfriend, Little Shao says:

It took us three weeks to execute this project – from organizing everything to producing and realizing the campaign. As we were aware of the various rules and limitations that come with filming at the Eiffel Tower, getting a green light for this was not too difficult. The final video was shot in less than 6 hours. I was leading from the ground with Eiffel Tower officials by my side.

Little Shao, who started out as a B-Boy himself but switched to dance photography in 2003-04, says he’s been using drones since DJI released the first Mavic:

Drones offer amazing views and perspectives and I made it a point to get my hands on all the latest drones DJI releases for content creators.

Any advice for budding photographers?

You have to find out what environment you like besides photography and try to capture it. For example, if you want to become a photographer who films the dance scene, you must first understand how a body works in motion.

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