Palace of versailles

A spectacular waterfall takes over the Palace of Versailles

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Eliasson’s transformative works were commissioned as part of a recurring summer project that previously invited artists such as Jeff Koons and Anish Kapoor. The breathtaking waterfall installation falls from a height of around 40 meters and was created to fulfill the plans of Louis XIV’s garden architect, André Le Nôtre, who had wanted to add a grand waterfall to Versailles but never did.

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“This waterfall reinvigorates the engineering ingenuity of the past. It is as built as the courthouse was, and I left the construction open to all, a seemingly alien element that expands the reach of human imagination,” Eliasson said in a press release. The exhibition’s outdoor facilities also include the Fog Assembly, which projects a circle of mist, and the Glacial Rock Flour Garden which evokes imagery of retreating glaciers. The interior of the palace is also transformed by the power of light and mirrors in the works Solar Compression, a suspended mirror surrounded by light, and The Curious Museum, an installation that uses mirrors to create large-scale optical illusions. ladder.

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