Eiffel tower

A woman drawn to the fence is married to the Eiffel Tower

An American woman is getting a lot of attention after claiming she feels sexually attracted to a fence.

This 50-year-old woman named Erika LaBrie is a competitive archer and object sex activist. She is now going viral after a video of hers surfaced where she could be seen straddling a red fence as she lets viewers talk about the love she has for the object.


How did she find love in a fence?

“I never expected to find a fence like this here,” she said. “I mean, that’s the shape I love so much. Those angles? Fabulous.”

She continued, “Fences are such dangerous objects to me because they’re so perfect in their geometry. I mean, I have to say there’s a lot of physical stuff going on right now. I’m definitely physically drawn to it. by this fence and I would like to know this fence better.”

After talking to viewers, Eric started speaking directly at the close.

Popularly known as Erika Eiffel, the woman identifies as a sexual objectum – a term that describes someone who is romantically or sexually attracted to inanimate objects.

Eiffel Tower

She caught the world’s attention in 2007 when she “married” the Eiffel Tower. The ceremony took place in Paris, France. She then changed her last name to “Eiffel” and enjoys wearing her new name.

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