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Over the past few decades, art and technology have intersected at a rate previously unimaginable – both to use technology to create art and to make art more accessible to the public. Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of this change and has now partnered with the Louvre to help in its mission to share art with as many people as possible through The Frame and the Art Store.

The Louvre has a fascinating and rich history; A former royal palace, it has been a cornerstone of French history for more than eight centuries. Open to the public since 1793, the Louvre’s collections are among the finest in the world, spanning several thousand years and from the original regions of America to the farthest reaches of Asia and beyond. Divided into eight departments, it houses some of the world’s most recognizable works of art, including the mona-lisathe Winged Victory of Samothraceand the Venus of Milo.

Samsung Newsroom spoke with Yann Le Touher, Head of Development, Brand Licensing and Commercial Partnerships at Louvre, to learn more about what users can expect from this exciting partnership.

Pyramid and Palace of the Louvre Museum (2021) by Nicolas Guiraud

LFH (Louvre from home)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, daily life has been disrupted. Arts and entertainment have been among the hardest hit industries, but that hasn’t stopped the public from yearning for cultural pursuits. In order to allow people to continue discovering its collections, the Louvre has sought a new and innovative method of sharing art, including uploading its entire art collection online.

According to Le Touher, this was a crucial step in ensuring that the Louvre fulfills its core mission of sharing art with as many people as possible. “It is important to share knowledge about as many of the works held in the Louvre as possible,” Le Touher stressed. “We believe that this online platform, which showcases thousands of our works, is useful not only to art historians and researchers, but also to art lovers.”

mona-lisa (1503-1519) by Leonardo da Vinci

The partnership between Samsung and the Louvre is part of the goal of bringing works of art closer to art lovers around the world thanks to the impeccable picture quality and realistic images of Samsung TVs. The frame is known for its ability to display images that look remarkably like physical prints and paintings, with the screen’s Quantum Dot technology making colors more vivid and contrast sharper. “We were impressed with the functionality offered by The Frame and were interested in the idea of ​​bringing art into people’s homes while making it more accessible,” noted Le Touher.

As the iconic structure itself, photos of the Louvre itself are also available, bringing Parisian chic directly to you to bring the full Louvre experience to your home. The Art Store provides access to a huge range of artwork from world-renowned galleries and museums right in your home, enhancing any living space.

Find your inspiration

The Louvre has established itself as a place of inspiration for artists and art lovers. “The greatest architects, painters, sculptors and craftsmen not only imagined and embellished the palace, but also lived, worked and exhibited their works in the Louvre for more than three hundred years,” said Le Touher.

In September, the Louvre opened its latest exhibition devoted to Greek art. This project highlights the cultural, historical and artistic links between France and Greece in the 19th century and shows how the rediscovery of Greek antiquity changed the European view of Greece.

Thanks to The Frame’s ever-growing art library, some of that inspiration can now be yours too. There are 40 Louvre artworks and photographs of the iconic building, available on the Art Store today.

Napoleon’s Sacred (1806-1807) by Jacques Louis David

“Our selection of works of art from the Louvre includes great masterpieces, such as the Liberty Leading the People, and the Great Odalisque“, notes Le Touher. “We also want to promote lesser-known paintings that are important and significant in art history.” The partnership between the Louvre and the Art Store, for example, added the painting Two hunting dogs tied to a stump (1548) by Jacopo Bassano, a monumental work as the first animal portrait in Western painting, although less known than works like the mona-lisa.

“We are proud to be a featured partner in the Art Store,” said Le Touher. “Thanks to Samsung’s technology and innovation, we have the ability to make people feel like they have a reproduction of their favorite work in their home. Obviously, this does not replace a visit to the museum, but we strongly believe that it can bring inspiration and joy to many homes.