The louvre

Cultural stories: The Louvre Museum

The Museum was the former residence of the kings of France before being transformed into a museum about two centuries ago, and before being the residence of the kings, it was a fortress. Napoleon, during his reign, changed the name to Napoleon Museum for eleven years.

It is one of the places to visit in Paris. The Museum is the largest and most visited museum in the world; as such, the queue for entry is always long. About ten million people go there every year. The museum covers a total area of ​​60,600 square meters and houses 480,000 works of art. The oldest work of art dates back around 9000 years. The famous statue of Ain Ghazal dates from the 7th century BC, the statue has no arms, no feet and a not so attractive face. Another famous work of art to check out is the Headless Statue, a marble sculpture called Winged Victory of Samothrace. This artwork depicts a Hellenistic style of sculpture featuring a headless but winged Greek Goddess of Victory.

Another sculpture comes in third place among the most famous works of art found in this museum; the Venus de Milo was inspired by the Greek goddess Aphrodite dating back to 100 BC. The most famous work of art in the Louvre Museum is the Mona Lisa painting. It is so famous that it is contained in bulletproof glass and heavily guarded by armed guards. In 1911, the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci was stolen and it was found within two years. So heavy guarding is definitely a good idea.