Eiffel tower

EIFFEL TOWER DAY – March 31, 2023

History of the Eiffel Tower Day

As the country ended a century of the French Revolution, the French government planned an international fair to show the industrial advancement of the 19th century. A design competition was held in central Paris and over 100 artists submitted their ideas.

Among the contributors was Gustave Eiffel, who proposed an open lattice iron tower that would be over 1,000 feet. With a packed resume that included the Statue of Liberty, he managed to convince the Centennial Committee that this unimaginable feat was possible. The contract for the construction of the tower was entrusted to him in 1887.

Against years of skepticism, criticism, and even protest, he began work on the project on January 28, 1887. Within two years, two months, and five days, he completed the tower and presented it to the French government for exposure. . The rest is history.

Gustave’s vision breathed new life into the streets of Paris and transformed it into the city of love as we know it, even though that was not the intention. In his own words, he wanted the tower to be a symbol of the “great scientific movement of the 18th century and the Revolution of 1789”.

Today the tower stands in the heart of Europe and is visited by millions of visitors each year. Since 2000, the golden grandeur of the tower has been complemented by 20,000 6W light bulbs, which are turned on and off in quick succession for five minutes every dusk hour. On March 31, we celebrate genius and his priceless gift to the world.