Eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the service of French excellence in Las Vegas

For a real taste of France in the United States, make dinner reservations at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Revered chef Jean Joho has crafted a menu that will give Vegas diners a meal they will come back for again and again.

Start with the drinks – you’ll never go wrong with a mule, and the raspberry mule here is fresh and light with vodka, raspberry liqueur, ginger beer and lime. And the extensive wine list will give you plenty of options for vino with every course.

Before your main course, treat yourself to a decadent, slow-braised and smoked pork belly; NY pan-fried foie gras; or snail fricassee with herb gnocchi; and a leek mashed potato (because it’s a French restaurant, you know you want to try the escargot). And the large seafood platter brings lobster, shrimp, crab, oysters and clams to the table. If you are a seafood lover this is for you. A creamy French onion soup is made with braised oxtail with parmesan croutons.

There are also plenty of starter options for you, from slow-roasted salmon filet in pinot noir sauce to foie gras filet Rossini. Grilled Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon is also served in two sizes, “The King” and “The Queen”, in case you get really hungry. Go ahead and add caviar tasting if you wish. Beef Wellington is quite popular. If you’re more in a poultry mood, order the roast chicken with parsnips and cracked corn.

And for dessert, enjoy a selection of macaroons or classic crème brûlée. To get the full French experience, order a soufflé, which the restaurant specializes in. You have the choice between four choices: Valrhona chocolate, classic Grand Marnier, Sicilian pistachio or apple crumble. The chocolate soufflé is also available on the three-course brunch menu (Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.). For my part, I really like Grand Marnier, so you will probably see me at the evening service.

Paris, 702.948.6937

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