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Film review: EIFFEL (2021): A romantic story about the birth of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Review

Eiffel (2021) Film Exama film realized by Martin Bourboulonwritten by Caroline Bongrand, Thomas Bidegain and Natalie Carter and featuring Romain Duris, Emma Mackey, Pierre Deladonchamps, Armande Baker, Bruno Raphael and Philippe Herisson.

A love story around the construction of the Eiffel Tower, film by director Martin Bourboulon, eiffel, intrigue from the start. However, it must be said that for viewers looking for historical accuracy, the creative aspects of the film will certainly hamper the true facts which are twisted in order to bring to life a romantic story between two forbidden lovers. Still, if you don’t look too closely, this film is emotionally engaging, whether you’re looking for a glimpse of history or a steamy romance.


Romain Duris portrays Gustave Eiffel, the man who fought against all odds to realize his dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower come true. At the start of the film, his daughter Claire (Armande Boulanger) informs him that she wants to get married instead of choosing a field of study to focus on. That would be fine except Claire already has the man of her dreams lined up and is ready to jump straight into marriage. Gustave just isn’t ready for it yet.

We meet a woman named Adrienne Bourges who is played by Emma Mackey in a star performance. Mackey was seen in a pivotal role in the Death on the Nile. These two recent roles played by Mackey will define the career of the actress who is not traditionally glamorous but is nonetheless magnificent. Mackey is able to add a considerable amount of depth to his character in close-ups with or without dialogue. His fine eye contact and incredible screen presence are undeniably fantastic and while Duris is effective in his solid performance, without Mackey the film wouldn’t perform as well as it does.

eiffel tells a touching romantic story about Gustave and Adrienne. As the film moves back and forth in time, there are plot points that are revealed that help shed light on why these two characters interact the way they do. They have a romantic past but over the years they grew apart. Adrienne is married in the current story, but the past and present will intertwine quite effectively as the film progresses.

The core of eiffel recounts how Gustave needed funding to fulfill his dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower built and how he had to deal with situations such as being questioned by those in power. Gustave also needed to financially satisfy his construction workers to complete the work on the Eiffel Tower, which would become one of the most remarkable landmarks and tourist attractions of all time.

This film is partly set around the time of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris but oscillates between the days when Gustave and Adrienne were almost married and the moment when they reunite and have to come to terms with their past feelings for each other. the other despite Adrienne’s current marriage. . I’m tempted to reveal which plot points worked best for me but, to avoid spoilers, I’ll just say that the current love story was more intriguing than the past story of how the lovers got together. created a romance that was frowned upon by Adrienne Sr.’s wealthy.

There are a number of sweet scenes here and a few stand out, especially the one where these lovers initially hook up at a party. eiffel gets heavy with complex twists about why Adrienne and Gustave broke up and why they still feel bonded to each other even after several years. Duris and Mackey set the screen on fire with their passionate love scenes which are done quite satisfyingly. These sequences help develop the characters, and the film is certainly romantic enough to appeal to those who like their love stories to be both sophisticated and delicate.

eiffel does the job for history fans in some ways, but caters more to those looking for a romance. There are enough stories about the construction of the Eiffel Tower to keep viewers invested in the plot, although we know roughly where the film will end up going in this particular regard.

It says at the end of the image that the “A” in Adrienne’s name was symbolic of the shape of the Eiffel Tower. It might just be clever scriptwriting, but if you don’t know the facts behind the story, don’t research them online if you plan to see the movie. It’s nice to think that all of Gustave’s passion for Adrienne went into building the monument he designed, whether Adrienne existed or not. eiffel is a good movie with a lot of heart and it’s a well done movie. Even though it feels a bit too traditional at times, the film will still keep its target audience satisfied.

Evaluation: seven/ten

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