Eiffel tower

“ICE AGE” by MCND played in front of the Eiffel Tower!

MCND, who is on a European concert tour, made a surprise appearance on the K-pop site “Random Play Dance” held in Paris.

On April 14, a random dance event was held in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris by K-pop YouTuber “Let’s Eat Medicine, Toekyung.” “Random Play Dance” is aimed at K-pop fans living in overseas cities, and is participatory content where everyone plays K-pop music outdoors and dances together.

(Photo: TOP Media)

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During the random dance, fans around the world in Paris were surprised when the MCND song played. Indeed, MCND, passing through Paris to animate the [1ST] MCND EUROPE TOUR 2022, raided the site.

Despite the surprise performance on the street, MCND, the “All-Main Dancer Group”, impressed their fans with their strong dance skills. They prove the potential of the talented idol representative of the fourth generation. Fans around the world on stage, fascinated by MCND, passionately sang “ICE AGE” on the spot. They shared their reviews of MCND’s performance via SNS to convey the site’s hot atmosphere.

Since its debut, MCND has become a new player who will be responsible for the global popularity of K-pop by standing out on Spotify, the world’s largest streaming service, and the social video platform “TikTok”.

MCND, which is organizing a European tour starting with the Amsterdam concert in the Netherlands on the 9th, traveled to London, Hungary, Budapest and Cologne, Germany to meet local fans. In addition, they will continue their touring schedule in Paris, France, Toulon, France, and Lausanne, Switzerland, and will visit seven cities in six European countries in turn.

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