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Kiwi Woman’s Epic Eiffel Tower Triumphs Over ‘Least Romantic Ex’

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She wanted to buy a ticket to go up the tower and admire the view of the most romantic city in the world. Her “cheap-ass” ex-boyfriend refused. But that wasn’t the end. Photo/Getty Images

We’ve all been there: in a relationship where everything seems to be going great until one action lets us realize we’re dating a screw-up.

For Wellington’s wife Angela Creet, it was a ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower that was the beginning of the end of her rose-tinted vision of her “first love”.

The first part of the above sounds very romantic indeed, but as Creet explained in a hilarious post on the Facebook group, Kiwi Corona Bar, this post didn’t exactly involve her.

Beginning her post by asking, “What’s the least romantic thing your ex has ever done?” Creet, 42, shared that back when she was “a sweet 20-year-old out to see the world with my first love,” their adventures took them to Paris and to the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

When Creet wanted to buy a ticket to go up the tower and see the view of the most romantic city in the world, her “cheap-ass” ex-boyfriend refused.

“I am heartbroken,” writes the portrait photographer, before continuing perhaps the worst of the story:

A few months later, Creet has returned home to Wellington and is “on a break” from her former flame. But he has decided that he misses her and is also returning to New Zealand.

“He feels bad about what happened in Paris. He gives me a ticket. From the trip HE took the Eiffel Tower as a souvenir for ME to remember. :

“He thinks it’s nice,” Creet writes.

She tells the Herald she remembers thinking “wow” but shares that she “didn’t really say much to him because I was a little more reserved at the time.”

“But I was thinking, ‘You d**k’. I was blown away to think he thought it was a romantic gesture. The way he handed me the ticket, he thought he was very nice and I was just like, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.’

“It was just insulting.”

Creet goes on to write “we didn’t end up getting married”. She tells the Herald the incident was “the doozy” in their two-year relationship and things didn’t last much longer after that.

Eventually, Creet returned to Paris alone and “took the trip of a lifetime”, including climbing the tower herself.

“I bought my own ticket and rectified that pretty quickly,” she says, adding that taking in the view of the Seine and the pretty “Ville Lumière” from this special vantage point for the first time, it was very special.

Angela Creet, now 42, shared "the least romantic thing" her ex did.  Pictures/Facebook
Angela Creet, now 42, has shared “the least romantic thing” her ex has ever done. Pictures/Facebook

For readers who may think the gist of Creet’s story seems a little too familiar, she says, although it took her a while to realize she learned, “don’t let a guy stop you from doing what you want to do. If it’s going up the Eiffel Tower, going up yourself and you don’t care if you need a man to take you, sort of. I missed my opportunity at that time because I was too shy and didn’t want to go up by Looking back, I felt very stupid and I should have done it and thought, to hell with him.

“The longest relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Make sure you make yourself happy – never settle for someone who doesn’t think you’re worth it.”

Today, Creet is happily married with two children and although she has returned to Paris a few times, she plans to take her son, daughter and husband of 12 years on her next trip.