Eiffel tower

Lego Eiffel Tower released in time for Christmas

Lego are set to release their biggest set in the company’s 23-year history with an update to their popular Eiffel Tower Position. The whole, affectionately called 10307 Eiffel Tower by Brick Heads (LEGO fans), is scheduled for November 25th.

When fully built, the set will measure 149cm (4ft 8in), eclipsing LEGO’s previous record of 108cm (3ft 5in) which was also held by the 10181 Eiffel Tower moved back in 2018. With a width of 23 inches and a diameter of 23 inches, the Eiffel Tower 10307 could replace this year’s Christmas tree.

That’s if you have the patience to sift through the 10,001 pieces the set contains, which early instructions reveal will be assembled into four separate units before finally adding them together. Eiffel Tower 10307 comes complete with the beautiful framework, three viewing platforms, landscaping, elevators, office at the top and a broadcast tower and the tricolor at its peak

Needless to say, this is definitely not a set for novices – its difficulty rating sits alongside another popular “large-scale” LEGO set, the star wars death star.

LEGO Designer Rok Zgalin Kobe revealed in the press release announcing the new set that LEGO “wanted to find the ultimate LEGO expression for the engineering and architectural masterpiece that is the Eiffel Tower. We followed the structural principles of the original tower as faithfully as the LEGO system allowed.During construction, you will discover interesting and innovative LEGO construction techniques that bring the architectural features of the tower to life in the LEGO bricks.

“Once completed, you can imagine the breathtaking feeling of standing at the top and gazing through the rich history of the city of Paris. This is the perfect set for travel and architecture enthusiasts.

Lego’s 10307 Eiffel Tower will be available for sale via LEGO Official Site from midnight November 25, priced at £554.99. Other reputable LEGO retailers, such as Smyths Toyshave yet to set up a pre-order for the set at the time of writing.

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