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LEGO Eiffel Tower set launched on Black Friday with 10,001 bricks

Today, 9to5Toys may bring back some exciting LEGO news for a kit releasing at the end of the year. Over the past few years, The LEGO Group has released some of its biggest creations to date to kick off the holiday shopping season, and this time around, it appears to be heading to France to assemble one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. emblematic of the world. Arriving as the second largest LEGO set yet, the upcoming Eiffel Tower will offer one of the largest builds ever released.

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Launching the LEGO Eiffel Tower set this fall

To round out each year, the LEGO Group recently launched a new addition to its Creator Expert-like lineup. Based around historic vehicles or iconic landmarks, this year’s addition to the theme comes in the form of the latter. Still capturing the same display value we’ve seen in the past, builders will travel to Paris in November to assemble a new LEGO Eiffel Tower set.

Coming in as serial number 10307, ​​the new LEGO Eiffel Tower will be part of the Icons range. This is a departure from previous sets of this caliber, but in line with recent changes to the company’s lineup. The model will be the biggest creation of the year, representing the monument among 10,001 pieces. This stat makes it the second largest build of all time, and if you don’t count the world map mosaic, it’s the largest actual set ever released from the LEGO set. It’s cheeky to see the company go just a bit past the 10,000 brick mark, though we’ll have to wait and see how all those bricks stack up.

LEGO’s Last Eiffel Tower

One aspect of the final model that we can confirm is that it will be the largest LEGO set yet. All of these bricks will mean that the LEGO Eiffel Tower is five feet tall. The base of the kit will also be just under 20 inches.

As for when builders can expect to bring the LEGO Eiffel Tower set to their collections, the kit will follow the tradition established over the past few years. Coming on Black Friday, there is still some time before the model hits store shelves. When it drops on Friday, November 25, we can expect a midnight launch for VIP members before a more general rollout for everyone else a few days later.

If previous years have anything to do with it, we should get official information from the LEGO Group in the coming weeks. There’s a chance a reveal will land in October, but I wouldn’t be shocked either if the company wants to keep this one under wraps a bit longer. Normally, these Creator Expert sets share the spotlight with a new Direct to Consumer LEGO Batman set, but there’s apparently no news on that, so this will likely be the last announced kit of the year.

Price is definitely going to be at the forefront of many builders’ minds, as it’s impossible not to wonder how much a 10,000+ piece LEGO set would cost. At present, 9to5Toys can signal that the device will point to $679.99 here in the United States. This number is still a bit higher than the rest of what we know about the LEGO Eiffel Tower set, as prices for sets have fluctuated a lot lately following price increases.

Gift with purchase also on the way

Those massive LEGO sets debuting at the end of the year are also prime times for the company to launch a companion giveaway with a purchase set, and the new Eiffel Tower will feature a pretty neat side build. The freebie will arrive as 40579 Eiffel’s Apartment, a small creation that recreates the apartment of tower engineer Gustave Eiffel.

Fittingly, you’ll get a figurine of Eiffel himself, but there will also be a pair of other characters in the kit. The engineer’s daughter Claire will be included, as well as inventor Thomas Edison for a bit more flair. The set will likely only be available to those who purchase the LEGO Eiffel Tower and will surely sell out quickly.

Taken from 9to5Toys

The LEGO Group has been delivering some really eye-catching massive models lately, and that should be true for this year’s next Eiffel Tower creation. Hitting 10,001 bricks in a set is also quite the feat, although we’ll have to see if all of those pieces are actually used convincingly. I can’t imagine the set will be the most fun to build with four identical legs connecting to the rest of the tower, but it will definitely be a sight to behold together.

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