Eiffel tower

Lego is releasing the tallest Eiffel Tower of all time in 2022 which stands over a meter tall

Lego fans can get a taste of Parisian culture with the biggest Eiffel Tower set ever. While others have been released in the past, the 2022 version is said to be over a meter and a half tall.

According to Brickcatch.co.uk, a new 10,001 piece Eiffel Tower will be coming to Lego very soon, although sadly there’s nothing official about it on the Lego site at the moment.

Searching the Lego site at the moment will only show you a retired product containing 321 pieces.

But let’s find out more about the brand new version…

Lego’s new Eiffel Tower for 2022

According to Brickcatch, the new Eiffel Tower would be more than a meter and a half high.

Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

As the real Eiffel Tower is 330m from the tip, this means that it is around 220 times smaller than the actual landmark.

The site reports that Lego fans will be able to pre-order it on Black Friday on November 25.

The 10,001-piece set is reported to cost around $703 (£599), although others say the price will be $679.99 (£578.31).

A first look

9to5Toys has shared a first look at the new Eiffel Tower, which arrives as number 10307.

This is the biggest kit released this year, but also one of the biggest Lego sets ever released.

The site says the brick model is 57 inches tall, taller than any other model before it.

The base kit also includes backdrops to make it even prettier to display, and the box recommends the iconic Paris set is for ages 18 and up.

The BriQ Foundation YouTube channel also gave fans a preview of the set.

The excited presenter says: “It looks so much better than any other Eiffel Tower Lego has come out with.”

The YouTuber also says he can’t wait to see the “official announcement” of the Eiffel Tower set, which means fans will have to watch it closely.

No information is currently available on when the set will go on sale, nor of course on the official price.

So if you have a space at home waiting for it, keep an eye out for Lego’s website in the coming days.

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