Palace of versailles

Macron will crown a new president of the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIV and has 1,000 employees. Now a museum frequented by nearly 20 million people a year and a venue for major State celebrations, the President of the Public Establishment benefits from a “consolidated annual budget of the Public Establishment of approximately 100 million euros” , according to Versailles website. The post is currently held by Catherine Pgard, a 68-year-old political journalist, who had no cultural background when she was sent to Versailles by President Sarkozy in 2011 after serving as an adviser there. Macron’s decision to appoint a new palace president has prompted claims that “like a monarch, he grants favors to former members of his administration”, according to the Time.

Castle of Versailles

Stuart Robertson / Alamy Stock Photo

The looming appointment is likely to confirm the president’s monarchical prerogative ‘to the point of giving command of the palace to someone with a political profile who has never held any position in a cultural institution,’ according to a news source. French. Le Figaro said. She goes on to speculate that “if the appointment of Jean-Michel Blanquer were confirmed, this would prove, once again, that the domain of the Palace of Versailles, a place of history, remains a presidential ‘reserved domain’, in the same way as Defense and Foreign Affairs, to the point of entrusting the reins to a political profile who has never held a post in a cultural institution.