Eiffel tower

Mahakaleshwar Baba of Ujjain will be seen at Motijheel, a form of mountain and cave will be built at Susta

Preparations for Durga Puja in Muzaffarpur are almost complete now. A lot of expense is also spent on this by the worship committee. This time, the Eiffel Tower of France will be seen in Akharaghat. At the same time, the Bangalore Royal Gate is being prepared in Malighat. While at Motijheel there will be darshan of Mahakaleshwar and Baba Kedarnath of Ujjain. Know where the puja pandal will be seen in any form…

Akharaghat pandal will look like the French Eiffel Tower
This time in the Akharaghat of Muzaffarpur, a pandal in the shape of the Eiffel Tower of France will be seen. The height of the pandal will be around 95 feet. While the Maa Durga idol will be made of around 13 feet. Maa Durga idol has been installed here since 2011. Puja pandal decoration will remain from Sikandarpur OP to Mai Sthan via Akharaghat Bridge. This time the halwa will be prepared with 75 kg of ghee on Saptami day. While kheer will be made from 8 quintals of milk on Ashtami day.

Bangalore Royal Gate will be seen in Malighat

This time the pandal of Bharat Mata Chowk will be made as the royal gate of Bangalore by the Navayuk Sangh Durga Puja Samiti Malighat. At the same time, Maa Durga will be seen on a chariot in the form of Chandi killing Mahishasura. Bhola Kumar Suri, media officer of the Puja committee, said the tricolor will also be seen waving from a height of 280ft at the royal gate. He said around Rs 7.5 lakh was spent. In this, around 1 lakh will be spent on the idol. While in the light nearly 80 thousand.

A large pandal is also being built by the Durga Puja committee.

The mountain and the cave will be built in Susta

A large pandal is also being built by the Hanuman Mandir Durga Puja Committee in Susta. The height of the pandal will be around 65 to 70 feet. While the Mata Durga idol will be 15 feet tall. Along with the idol of mother goddess Lakshmi, mother Saraswati, Kartik Ganesh, Mahishasura as well as Pindi and Charan Paduka of mother Vaishno Devi will also be featured. Apart from this, a mountain cave was built. A moving statue will be seen inside the cave.

A pandal is in preparation in the form of Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain.

Lighting will be done for 60 thousand rupees
Baba Kedarnath will be visited at Motijheel of the city. In this regard, a pandal is built in a grand manner. Regarding this, Akash Kohli, General Secretary of the Motijheel Durga Puja Committee, said that a pandal is being prepared in the form of Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain. At the same time, Baba Kedarnath will be shown in motion. He said about Rs 3.5 lakh was spent in this area. It will have a 7 foot statue of Mata. Its cost is about 30 thousand. While the cost of light is around 60,000 rupees.

The great shape of India Gate will be seen in Pankaj Market
This time at the city’s Pankaj Market, devotees will have darshan and mother worship through the main gate of the grand form of India Gate. For this, the craftsmen specially use bamboo bats for the construction of the pandal. This time he will be venerated for the 50th year. As a special attraction, from Pankaj Market to Umbrella Bazaar and Saraiyaganj Tower will be decorated with colorful lights.