Eiffel tower

Minecraft Player recreates the Eiffel Tower in-game

A stunning Minecraft screenshot shows a player creating a full-scale model of the Eiffel Tower in-game.

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More than 10 years have passed since Minecraft was first released but with the new game updates players refuse to end the popular sandbox survival game. This week has seen many remarkable Minecraft Player creations, artwork, and mechanics go viral almost daily.

One of these creations was actually a recreation of one of the world’s most iconic man-made structures, capturing it as a huge scale model in Minecraft. The structure in question is one of the tallest and most recognizable structures in the world, and is the centerpiece of the city of Paris. If anyone is still guessing, the recreation was of the iconic Eiffel Tower.


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Reddit user md_yeamin_habib is the creator of the full-scale model, displaying it on the Minecraft subreddit for everyone to see. Their creation is the reverse of the wooden axolotl. Minecraftinstead of taking an actual model and scaling it in-game. They note in the title that the model is 2:1 scale, but later correct their error in a comment, saying that they meant it was half the scale of the original, not double.

When something from the real world comes in Minecraft, it tends to look odd due to the game’s block-based engine. For buildings, this is usually not a problem as long as they are built on a large scale; when done correctly, structures tend to look very realistic from a distance. Unfortunately, in the case of this Eiffel Tower model, the problem seems to be that the dimensions of md_yeamin_habib are wrong. Comments were quick to point this out, claiming that the model looked stunted in the middle. When comparing the model to an image of the original, there is a clear structural difference in the height of the two structures.

It’s also hard to tell what md_yeamin_habib built the model from as they used a texture pack. It looks like the model was built entirely from stone blocks, but there could also be darker blocks in the model. However, these could just be shaders making the blocks look different colors, as seen in a player’s game. Minecraft library.

Regardless of its minor flaws, the Eiffel Tower model looks amazing and clearly took a lot of time from md_yeamin_habib. With a few revisions, md_yeamin_habib could turn this good scale model into a perfect one. Maybe now they can even enlarge the model to be 1:1 scale, showing a real monster of structure worthy to sit next to their impressive Sphinx structure.

Minecraft is available now on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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