Palace of versailles

Phoenix invades the Palace of Versailles for dazzling ‘entertainment’ video

A few months ago, Phoenix shared a picturesque music video for the lead Bankruptcy! Single “Entertainment.” No, not the Clip featuring samurai who played the Asian influences of the effervescent melody – the SPIN star blanket also dropped alternate shorts, a home performance video which threw the French quartet in front of a rendering of the Palace of Versailles. Now the band have filmed another clip for the song that finds them outside “The Real Thing,” quote another Bankruptcy! highlight. Produced by The Blogotheque for their “Take Away Show” series, the five-minute piece is nothing short of breathtaking. Phoenix plays a simplified version of “Entertainment” – just an acoustic guitar and two keyboards – as dawn breaks over the royal castle. The filmmakers used a drone camera to capture the scene, allowing for an uninterrupted four-minute shot that circles the group, flies through the air, and offers panoramic views of the beautiful historic estate.

This episode is the first in a series of La Blogothèque videos featuring Phoenix. Next week, fans can expect performance footage from the beautiful “Bourgeois,” in addition to a short film that follows the French for a few days (via Fork). Hit play at the top and stay tuned for more.