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Pooja Batra does yoga with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Photos inside | Health

Pooja Batra yoga journals are getting better day by day. The actor is an absolute fitness enthusiast and swears by yoga. Pooja barely misses a day of her yoga routine and the snippets often make their way onto her Instagram profile in the form of photos and videos. Pooja’s social media profile is full of snippets of herself practicing yoga at multiple locations and, most of them are super motivating. Pooja, apart from loving yoga, also likes to travel. When not working, Pooja is usually seen traveling the world. Sometimes the actress merges her love for yoga with her love for travel. From doing yoga against the backdrop of the sprawling sea waters of the islands of Bora Bora, to finding a nook in front of the Eiffel Tower and getting back to her morning yoga routine, there’s nothing Pooja can’t. To do.

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Pooja recently took off on her trip to Paris. Since then, her Instagram profile has been filled with glimpses of her adventures around the city. Pooja a day ago shared a series of photos of herself doing yoga with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Pooja, in the photos, can be seen practicing several yoga asanas. In one of the images, Pooja can be seen performing the wheel pose, while in another, she can be seen doing the tree pose. Dressed in a black crop top and black sports pants. Pooja can be seen doing her morning yoga routine in the tourist spot. “I had to do this,” Pooja wrote in the caption. Looked:

Yoga asanas, performed by Pooja in the photos, have multiple health benefits. The tree pose or Vrikshasana helps to improve the stability and balance of the body. It also helps strengthen core muscles and stretch ligaments and tendons in the feet. Wheel pose, on the other hand, helps open up the chest and shoulders. It also helps improve spinal flexibility and overall body strength.

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