Eiffel tower

Rare photo shows Michael Jordan eclipsing the Eiffel Tower as hundreds of French people watch in awe

The glistening and beautiful streets of Paris, with their historic cafes, artistic structures, fashionable people and alluring aura, have always appealed to Michael Jordan aesthetically.


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This rare photo of Michael attempting to eclipse one of the wondrous wonders of the world taken at the Champ de Mars in 1985 is truly an iconic relic of the past.

Michael Jordan’s love for Paris

The city of Paris has always fascinated Jordan. Maybe it reminded him of the artistry and conviction of his game.

Jordan used to travel to Paris almost every other summer during the offseason. This rare photograph was taken during his first visit to Paris, just a year after the Bulls drafted him as the third overall pick.


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The photo shows his all-encompassing passion for soaring above everything, even the grand Eiffel Tower. It also reveals his charismatic ability to engage an audience.

Chicago Bulls basketball star Michael Jordan poses with it. marries Juanita at the bar at the opening of her restaurant. (Photo by Steve Kagan/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Jordan was still a relatively unknown personality in Paris. He could enjoy strolling the beautiful streets of Paris, visiting the Louvre (or “la luge” as he called it), and taking in the gentle breeze coming off the rippling Seine without being mobbed.

But times would change in a few years.

The McDonald’s Championship in 1997

The McDonald’s Championship in 1997 was probably the biggest international tournament the Bulls have participated in. The Bulls team, five-time NBA champion, faced big names in European and world basketball, such as Barcelona, ​​Olympiacos and PSG.

However, the show was all about “L’Idole”, or “His Airness”, as the French press and fans called him Jordan. People sincerely regarded him as a god.

Naturally, he could no longer walk alone in the streets of Paris. ”It’s hard for me to go unnoticed and go out in public without anyone bothering meJordan said at a press conference for the tournament.

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This introduced the NBA as one of America’s many influential cultural exports. Thousands of fans accosted the Bulls wherever they went. The games were sold out and a gathering of fans and journalists still prowled the arenas and hotel lobbies.


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Jordan’s fame was on the rise again after the 1992 Olympics. Incidentally, young French people voted him the most popular athlete in the world a few years ago.

Rodman and Pippen were unable to participate in the tournament due to injury. But that didn’t stop the Bulls from winning it all. Jordan didn’t disappoint his international fans either. He was magnificent as usual as a leader and as a player.


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