The louvre

Ryan Gosling reveals his six-year-old daughter Amada gave the Louvre a boost

Ryan Gosling has revealed how his youngest daughter pulled off a “real power move” where she gave the Louvre Museum a “thumbs down” in Paris, France.

The father-of-two – who shares seven-year-old daughter Esmeralda and six-year-old daughter Amada with longtime partner Eva Mendes – opened up about his family’s recent trip to Paris during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday.

While discussing some of her children’s daily habits, Gosling recalled how Amada expressed her distaste for the Louvre.

“My youngest has a real power move,” Notebook star explained. ” Here is an example. We worked in France, so we went to the Louvre. We saw “Winged Victory”, we saw “Venus de Milo”.

“And we were standing in front of the Mona Lisa and she said ‘this museum?'” he continued, mimicking the way his daughter had her thumbs down and an unimpressed look on her face.

Gosling said that when he asked Amada why she didn’t like the museum, she replied, “Because it’s not good.”

He added that Amada’s boldness didn’t stop there and her “real power move” was where she “turned” with both thumbs down and behind her back.

While replicating her daughter’s move, Fallon and the audience laughed heartily.

“Thumbs down,” Gosling added. “It’s like a shadow at the level of the Roman Empire.”

While Mendes and the The Earth star have kept their personal lives and children mostly out of the spotlight, the Coupling The star spoke to Byrdie earlier this month about her family’s summer plans.

The 48-year-old actor said that after taking a trip to London and going on several “excursions” with her daughters in the spring, she decided she wanted to “bring boredom back”.

“When we were in London we went from musical to musical enjoying being back in the theatre, we went to all kinds of museums, we went to Windsor Castle – I had planned a ton of excursions for them, which we did,” she said. “And now I feel like it’s time to bring the boredom back. I bring back boredom, especially for the children, but for me too.

“I really feel like when we’re bored — not energized by a phone, iPad, computer, or TV — that’s where the ideas come in,” she added.

Mendes also spoke about her priorities as a parent and how important it is for her and Gosling to raise her children in such a way that they have confidence in them.

“I hope that Ryan and I do the job of just loving them, loving them completely and doing most of this work for them so that they grow up feeling enough,” she “That’s the only thing which is really important to me. Because once they feel they’re enough, it doesn’t matter what they do.