Eiffel tower

Tech & Science Daily: Asteroid ‘big as the Eiffel Tower’ flies past Earth


An asteroid over 1,000 feet tall is expected to pass Earth this weekend at over 14,700 mph.

Nereus 4660 is still 2.4 million kilometers from our planet.

It comes as new research from the University of Manchester suggests the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs happened in spring or early summer in the Northern Hemisphere, making its impact even more murderer.

Masks are back for indoor settings, including cinemas, theaters and churches, as measures are stepped up in England in a bid to slow the spread of the latest variant of the Omicron coronavirus.

The “Plan B” measures will be reviewed on January 5, ahead of their January 26 expiry date.

Could Elon Musk drop everything to come to life on the ‘Gram as an influencer?

The world’s second richest man tweeted that he was “considering quitting my job and becoming a full time influencer”, and asked Twitter users what they thought.

Botox injections that cheat lead to bans at the Saudi ‘Crufts for camels’ competition. Crushed in space…how sleeping bags could stop damaging astronauts’ eyeballs. Species dependent on hydrothermal ‘deep sea lungs’ threatened with extinction by mining, study finds. And just like that, Peleton responds to the Sex and the City storyline.

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