Notre-dame de paris

The Alliance Française presents (RE)NAISSANCES: Notre-Dame de Paris

“Three years ago, a terrible fire ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. On April 15, 2019, what caught fire was not only one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, but above all a symbol of the nation. “

We didn’t know there was a Notre Dame Exhibition right here in Singapore we can explore, with the famous instagram-worthy South Rose stained glass window at (RE)BIRTH: Notre-Dame de Paris.

Photos: @les_petits__matins/instagram, Alliance Française

Want to travel but not yet to go to Paris? Here’s how to get to Paris from Singapore and get a glimpse of this famous Parisian cathedral, also renowned for being a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture.

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Located at French alliancethe French cultural Center located at Sarkies Roadgo to the exhibition devoted to the construction and restoration of the cathedral.

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Photos: @afsingapour/instagram, Alliance Française

To cross time and explore the history of Notre Dame and understand how it has become a symbol of France over the centuries, to enjoy a unique VR visit of the cathedral which includes views not accessible to the public even if you are there in person…

Photo: Alliance Francaise

This is a great activity if you want to explore something a little different from the usual attractions we have in Singapore.

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Photo: Alliance Francaise

There is also a huge 1:100 scale model of the cathedral that allows you to see up close intricate 360º details!

Photo: Alliance Francaise

But of course, one of the main highlights of the exhibition has to be the unmissable Southern Rose stained glass (also known as Midday Rose). The original Notre-Dame window was a gift from King Louis IX of France, built in 1260 (more than a millennium ago!).

Apart from the Notre-Dame exhibition, there are other exhibitions and even screenings of French films (with English subtitles) to discover.

So if you feel ready for a trip to France but can’t physically get there yet, head over to Alliance Française and spend some time immersing yourself in all things French!

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