Eiffel tower

The Coterie Club of Kilgore discovers the Eiffel Tower | Lifestyles

The Coterie Club met on February 10 at Jan Wylie’s house, with co-hostess Tini Zapata.

Members enjoyed delicious sweets, sandwiches, coffee and punch.

President Cristi Langley presented the program “La Tour Eiffel”. She started the show by recounting the difficulties of the tower selections. The tower was designed by French engineer Alexandre Gustave. He designed it for the 1889 World’s Fair. The tower rises 984 feet from a base of 330 feet (101 square meters).

The tower has elevators and stairs leading to the top. It also has restaurants, a weather station, an experimentation space and an apartment for Alexandre Gustave. It contains 7,000 tons of iron, steel and cost US$1 million in 1889. Construction began in January 1887. As soon as plans began, a petition protesting the construction of the monolith called it a useless and monstrous, a “staggering madness” and an odious column of bolted metal.

It is now one of the main tourist attractions in Paris.

President Langley closed the program by discussing world’s fairs after the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris.

With no new business, President Langley thanked the hostesses and announced the next meeting on March 24 at First Baptist Church.

The collection of the club has been read. Members present: Wanda Bittick, Evelyn Bolding, Pat Boyd, Jennifer Brown, Margaret Cibele, Karlene Gunn, Phyllis Jewel Warren, Cristi Langley, Carolyn Martin, Brenda Maxwell, Dianne Miller, Judi Purvis, Joy Tate, Sharon Williams, India Stroope and Jan Wylie.