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The Eiffel Tower could be repainted in its original vibrant color | Travel

The Eiffel Tower was originally painted “Venetian red” in the workshop before being assembled.

Many Parisians hated the Eiffel Tower when it was first erected in 1889. Although it may seem impossible now, the sentiment is perhaps more believable when you consider that the monument was originally painted in red.

Over its 129-year history, the Eiffel Tower has seen 19 different paint jobs. And when the monument undergoes its 20th painting later this year, the Ministry of Culture and the City of Paris will decide whether its current subdued metallic color will remain – or if something else will take its place.

“We are going to rediscover and revive these old colors, just as we do when we restore an old painting,” said a specialist from the ministry. The Parisian. “It will give food for thought as to whether or not to add undertones to the current hue.”

According to Gustave Eiffel, a French civil engineer and architect, the original red color made it easier to protect the structure against rust. But since its construction, the tower has been painted in ochre, yellow and several shades of brown. Once there was a shadow paint effect that faded when the tower reached the sky.

It will take 60 tons of paint to cover the Iron Lady of Paris in the color chosen by the ministry, according to Local. Painting will begin in October and is expected to last three years as part of a longer project. Over the next 15 years, the Eiffel Tower will undergo a $369 million (€300 million) renovation, including the installation of a bulletproof glass wall around the monument.

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