Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is now 20 feet taller

Regarding the new height of the structure, the president of the Eiffel Tower company, Jean-François Martins, told the Associated Press: “From the invention of the radio at the beginning of the 20th century until today , decades after decades, the Eiffel Tower has been a partner for all radio technology.” He’s not wrong; it is as much an architectural landmark as a technological one. Martins added: “It’s a historic moment, because the Eiffel Tower is going up, which is not that common.” It may not be common, but the Eiffel Tower has already undergone some transformations. For example, in September 2017, the Eiffel Tower underwent a fairly drastic renovation to modernize everything from welcoming visitors to one of the restaurants, La Bulle Parisienne.

The designers of the original tower in the late 19th century wanted to build the tallest structure in the world, and for nearly four decades it did. Of course, the Chrysler Building in New York, which exploded in 1929, topped the tower in Paris. Fortunately, however, it was still big enough to attract millions of visitors a year. In fact, more than seven million people come from all over the world to visit the iconic architectural masterpiece, walking around the perimeter of the 125-meter-wide base.

The Chrysler Building surpassed the Eiffel Tower as the tallest building in the world for a brief period.

Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images

It’s the tallest the Eiffel Tower has ever been, but whether or not it will continue to grow as technology advances is up for debate. After all, we live in the digital age, which begs the question: will one of the earliest technological milestones literally grow over time? Only the next generation of innovators will tell.