Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower tops the top 10 most photographed monuments

All over the world we are blessed with beautiful, bold man-made structures that have become synonymous with urban skylines. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Big Ben in London, these iconic buildings attract thousands of tourists every year who want to marvel at them.

In a recent study, ParrotPrint (opens in a new tab) used Instagram data to determine which world landmarks are the most popular and which have the most hashtags. You’d expect to see many of the monuments on the list, but there are definitely some huge ones missing, such as the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

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A ParrotPrint spokesperson said: “Millions of us flock to these iconic landmarks each year to try and capture the perfect image, so it’s fascinating to see who makes the top ten and who misses out.” “.

These places for photographers (opens in a new tab) come in all shapes and sizes, from suspension bridges that are feats of engineering to towering glass skyscrapers, there’s a mix of contemporary and classic designs – all of which are highly Instagrammable. While some of the monuments on the list were built within the last 100 years, some, like the Louvre, date as far back as the 12th century!

So without further ado, here are the top 10 monuments according to ParrotPrint.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris

(Image credit: Anthony Delanoi on Unsplash)

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Known as the city of romance, Paris is home to the Eiffel Tower and attracts 7 million visitors each year. Although you can enjoy it from the ground, to get a spectacular view of Paris from above you will have to shell out quite a steep fee – it costs €17.10 to reach the top if you want to use the elevator or 10. €70 if you don’t mind climbing the 1665 steps – you’ll definitely deserve a nice glass of French wine after that.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 7.2 million

2. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

(Image credit: Zq Lee of Unsplash)

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The Burj Khalifa is one of the newest buildings on our list and yet it is by far one of the most popular with 6.2 million hashtags. It is home to two hotels, 900 exclusive permanent residences, a gourmet restaurant, a selection of apartments designed by Giorgio Armani and the world’s tallest lounge. At 828m, it is not only the tallest building in the world, but it also holds the record for the tallest nightclub, restaurant and hotel.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 6.2 million

3. Grand Canyon, USA

(Image credit: Jennifer Rogalla of Unsplash)

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The only natural wonder on this list is the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA – a breathtaking site with its iconic bands of red rock. From above, the Grand Canyon offers breathtaking views of Arizona’s famous valley, but from below, it offers winding caves that seem quite otherworldly. About 5.9 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year, making it the second most popular national park in the United States and ways to see it include on foot, by helicopter, jeep or even by boat from the Colorado River.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 4.2 million

4. Louvre, Paris

(Image credit: Mike Baumeister of Unsplash)

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Home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Louvre is the most visited art gallery in the world. Built between the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century for French royalty, it was opened as a gallery in August 1793 by the National Assembly and houses a collection of 537 paintings. The iconic glass pyramids in the courtyard of the Louvre were added much later in 1988 and were designed by Chinese-American architect IM Pei as part of the Grand Louvre Project.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 3.6 million

5. London Eye, London

(Image credit: Ismail Merad of Unsplash)

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The London Eye wheel AKA The Millennium was built to mark the turn of the century. It consists of 32 sealed capsules, each of which can hold between 1 and 33 people (except 13 by superstition). When it was built, it held the record for the tallest Ferris wheel in the world with an impressive height of 135m, but it was overtaken by High Roller in Las Vegas.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 3.4 million

6. Big Ben, London

(Image credit: Luke Stackpoole of Unsplash)

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Arguably the most famous clock in the world, Big Ben sits at the northern end of the Houses of Parliament, officially known as the Palace of Westminster. Construction of Big Ben began in September 1843, but when trials began in 1857 its bell developed a huge crack over a meter long. Each of Big Ben’s clock faces is 7m in diameter, the bell inside weighs over 13 tons and there are 399 steps to climb to reach the top. (opens in a new tab).

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 3.2 million

7. Golden Gate Bridge, USA

(Image credit: Varun Yadav of Unsplash)

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The Golden Gate Bridge is a 2.7 km wide suspension bridge connecting San Francisco to Marin County. It was designed by engineer Joseph Strauss and architect Irving Morrow and opened to the public in May 1937. More than 39 million vehicles use the Golden Gate Bridge each year for a fee starting at $6.40 for people carpooling and reaching $65.80. (opens in a new tab) for a vehicle with more than 7 axes. Its distinct orange-red color should be maintained at all times as this is what makes it so photogenic.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 3.2 million

8. Empire State Building, New York

(Image credit: Christian Ladewig of Unsplash)

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The empire state building (opens in a new tab) is undoubtedly the beating heart of New York. It culminates at 443 meters if we include the spire and the antenna and it would be necessary to climb 1,872 steps to reach the 102nd floor. It was built in just 410 days and a photo of workers sitting on a crane having lunch without harnesses or safety gear has become completely iconic. Today, it is home to several large companies, including LinkedIn and Shutterstock, as well as shops, restaurants and exhibits.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 3.1 million

9. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

(Image credit: Mohd of Unsplash)

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The Burj Al Arab is Dubai’s most iconic luxury hotel located on a man-made island 280m from Jumeirah Beach. It was designed to resemble the sail of a ship and includes a helipad that was once used as a motor racing track, tennis court and boxing ring. If you fancy spending a night at the Burj Al Arab, prices start at £1,452 per night and go up to $24,000! There are ways to experience the beauty of the Burj without spending the night. It is home to several different restaurants, including a Michelin-starred restaurant, and has a state-of-the-art luxury spa.

Number of hashtags on Instagram: 2.7 million

10. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

(Image credit: Ken Cheung of Unsplash)

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The construction of the Sagrada Familia may have started in March 1882, but 144 years later it is still not finished. It is expected that by 2026 (which would mark 100 years since Gaudi’s death) the last towers will be completed, but due to the pandemic there have been further delays. Even though the Sagrada Familia has been covered in scaffolding for years, it remains a popular destination for tourists in Barcelona, ​​attracting around 3 million visitors each year and is Spain’s most popular tourist destination. (opens in a new tab).

Number of Instagram hashtags: 2.6 million