Eiffel tower

The five-foot-tall Eiffel Tower is the tallest Lego set ever

A man putting on the top part of the Lego Eiffel Tower set.

To your berets and croissants, because today Lego unveiled a stunning tribute to France’s most iconic monument, the Eiffel Tower. The real thing rises 1083 feet above Paris, and while Lego’s recreation is not so massive59 inches from its base to the French flag waving at the topit is the largest Lego set to date.

If it wasn’t for The world map of 11,695 Lego pieces set released in mid-2021, the 10,001-piece Eiffel Tower would also be actually be the largest Lego set to date, beating out the Lego Titanic of 9,090 pieces and the 9,036 piece Lego Roman Colosseum before that.

The fully assembled Lego Eiffel Tower lying on a table.

It’s a heavy build, and you’ll probably want to spread it out over several days, because unlike the model of the Titanic, which offers a variety of different and exciting building techniques sections like the hull, interior cabins, and upper deck, the Eiffel Tower feels like you’re recreating a lot of repetitive metal work.

A close-up of the midsection of the Eiffel Tower made from Lego, revealing the intricate assembly of parts recreating the tower's intricate metal work.

A close-up of the tower’s midsection reveals exactly what we mean. There are some very clever pieces used here to recreate the iconic look of the Eiffel Tower’s metal bracing, but at this scale, you’re going to find yourself building the same thing over and over and over again, so this set is probably best enjoyed as a long-term build, instead of one you’re trying to do overnight.

A close-up of the base of the Lego Eiffel Tower with a small buildable esplanade below.

The base of the Eiffel Tower features an esplanade complete with Parisian lampposts, benches and greenery, but again, due to the scale of this set, there are no Lego minifigures, or even microscale figures included. Jhey just wouldn’t have the correct proportions to the rest of the landmark. It’s a shame, because a minifigure mime would have really helped tie it all together.

The front and back of the Lego Eiffel Tower packaging.

The Lego Icons Eiffel Tower is not available for pre-order. Instead, fans excited to drop $680 on a giant box of gray plastic bricks will have to set an alarm for midnight EST on November 25. when the set is officially available for sale.