Eiffel tower

The literal Eiffel Tower was just roasted Elon Musk on Twitter

Credit: Michael Gonzalez/Stringer/Getty Images

There is much discontent fomenting against the Elon Musk regime on Twitter right now, and despite his best efforts, Chief Twit just can’t seem to remove it.

Battle cries have been shouted and an exodus to Mastodon has begun as Musk attempts to monetize the platform, while contradicting himself at every turn regarding his vision and purpose behind his acquisition of the platform.

After being targeted by celebrities and impersonators, it is now being attacked by buildings. Specifically, the Eiffel Tower, or at least its official Twitter account:

To provide a bit more context, Musk recently posted “Twitter is the worst, but also the best,” and he got a response from popular French streamer Arkunir, calling out the owner of the platform and daring him not to. delete his tweet when he eventually ratios (outclasses Musk’s original tweet) him.

Arkunir managed to ratio Musk, and the Eiffel Tower decided to jump into his compatriot’s corner, posting a meme comparing Arkunir to Musk as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, respectively – no doubt symbolizing the similar report on the wire.

Let’s see if Musk puts his money where it’s at on free speech and allows Arkunir and the Eiffel Tower affront against him to go unpunished, or at the very least unsuppressed.

The alternative being to come up with a new rule for the platform on the fly because his feelings were hurt after a number of celebrities on the platform parodied him.

We can see it now – the Eiffel Tower account is deleted and Musk tweets: “Going forward – inanimate objects can no longer tweet. Users will need to check the brain between their ears and the beating heart in their chest. For $8 per month. Accounts caught impersonating inanimate objects will be immediately suspended.

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know how it goes as Elon Musk’s clownish fiesta against an entire social media platform continues. One of the most recent shots at Musk has been Mark Ruffalo.