Eiffel tower

The new LEGO Eiffel Tower might be too tall for its own good

Whispers on the vine suggest Eiffel Tower 10307 could be 1.5m tall. But could the biggest ever LEGO set be too big?

Generally speaking, once a LEGO set is built, it is either played with or displayed. While the vast majority of smaller, more affordable sets fall into the first category, it’s usually the larger, more expensive sets that are proudly displayed, usually by adults. Architecture lovers, please keep it in the back.

The current record holder for the largest LEGO set, 10181 Eiffel Tower, is actually 15 years old. Standing at 1.08m tall (or a shade over 3′ 6″ in old silver) it’s a substantial model, but in recent years flagship display models have begun to top it, although in length rather than in height.

Measuring 1.18m in length, this year’s 76405 Hogwarts Express – Collector’s Edition has given Harry Potter fans headaches in more ways than one. For starters, it rode on tracks that were seven studs wide instead of six, making it impossible to ride on a regular track (which the LEGO Group explained after its launch). But in addition, its length made it very difficult to display.

This is not a new problem for Star Wars fans. In 2011, 10221 Super Star Destroyer reached an astonishing and disturbing 1.24m. But even that has since been overshadowed by the mighty 10294 Titanic. At 1.35m, or 4′ 5″ long, it’s not just the price – nearly £600 – that’s raising eyebrows among LEGO fans. Finding the part to build it, finding a space large enough to display it, and having the courage to move it between the two (fortunately removable) is a real challenge.

But all of that becomes potentially meaningless if the rumors about Eiffel Tower 10307 are true. Whispers suggest it measures 50cm wide at the base and a staggering 1.5m or 4″ 11″ tall. To put this into perspective, according to the Office of National Statistics, the average height of a woman in the UK is 1.61m or 5′ 3″. If the latest LEGO version of the Parisian icon is in fact this size, then it looks more like the kind of models you’ll find at LEGOLAND rather than someone’s home.

While there will no doubt be those who want to purchase this set on day one, for many who may well want to, the sheer size of the finished set will be a deal breaker. This is a set that is bigger than a small child! Big sets are great, but is there anything too big? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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