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The Sims 4 player’s Palace of Versailles took an entire year to build

A Sims 4 player has shared his incredible recreation of the Palace of Versailles on Reddit, a hugely elaborate build that took a year to make.

A The Sims 4 shared a creation of epic proportions this week: a recreation of the Palace of Versailles that took over a year to complete and features the entire famous French palace. This is just one of the many awesome fan projects players have created in the game, as the The Sims 4 The community is one of the most active when it comes to creative user-created content. These creative productions include houses, characters, etc.

The massive library of custom content for The Sims 4 – user-coded items that are then made available for download by other players – is a valuable resource in the community, especially when it comes to period-specific creations like this that require more unique items to be precise. Although the game features its own extensive range of decorative items, these additional items allow for an even wider range of design options. Many users enjoy the challenge of creating exceptionally large and detailed builds, recreating things like famous video game locations and historical landmarks.


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Reddit user tealcam shared their own incredibly intricate build this week: their version of the Palace of Versailles, a Louis XIV-designed palace near Paris that’s famous for its ornate nature and intricate design. The user shared dozens of photos of his work, showing everything from the Hall of Mirrors to the Royal Chambers. With so many fancy items, this is perhaps one of the most expensive builds in The Sims 4. The creation took over a year to build, and this enormous effort is evident in their photos – each piece is incredibly detailed, with floor-to-ceiling decorations. The exterior is equally impressive, perfectly capturing the impressive size and regal grandeur of the palace.

The Sims 4 Versailles Build

Obviously this is no small feat, tealcam had to come up with a wide range of custom content elements as well as in-game options to bring their design to life. The user, known as Rococo4TheSims on Tumblr, detailed their personalized content journey on their blog – they purchased items from over 50 different The Sims 4 modding resources to create the expansive palace. Using all of this additional research and content, the elaborate designs of each room are recreated flawlessly, including the palace murals and ceiling artwork.

Now that they’ve completed the interior part of the Palace of Versailles, they plan to recreate the palace’s famous gardens next, and it’s likely to be as detailed and impressive as the palace itself. This stunning build is the latest example of the limitless amount of creative potential within The Sims 4 community. Over 7 years after the game’s release, players are still finding ways to keep the game fresh and challenge themselves in new ways.

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Sources: tealcam/Reddit, Rococo4TheSims/Tumblr

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