Eiffel tower

‘Valheim’ player builds the Eiffel Tower in a truly impressive feat of engineering

Building custom structures is at the heart of Valheimthe immensely popular game from Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Studios, centered on establishing your own custom Viking settlements in the tenth Norse world.

One player decided to take the game’s structural possibilities to the next level, building the famously intricate Eiffel Tower from the ground up – and luckily for us, they made a time-lapse video of the process.

YouTuber Vot Te Game is proud of engineer Gustave Eiffel, painstakingly laying down a custom hatched wooden design, piece by piece, to resemble the intricate wrought-iron lattice body of the real tower. According to the YouTube video, the structure took “two people, two weeks, 40,000 blocks, and a lot of patience.” As PC Gamer points out, this was likely done with cheats in Creative Mode to unlock unlimited resources – which is also why you can see the character building in the air.

The thing that makes this design even more impressive, though? The designer built it with lighting in mind, as you’ll see the frame is integrated with torches (by the way, these usually need to be individually filled, so hopefully they have a cheat for that too). Additionally, they included the visitor levels of the Eiffel Tower, including those with restaurants.