The louvre

Versailles and the Louvre will turn off the lights earlier to save money

After the Eiffel Tower and other emblematic Parisian buildings – the Louvre and Versailles palaces – will give up their exterior lighting. It is a necessary symbolic measure to draw attention to the energy crisis, French Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak said last week.

From this evening, the Louvre pyramid will be illuminated until 11 p.m., instead of 1 a.m., she announced. A similar decision has already been taken for the Eiffel Tower and the Hôtel de Ville, whose lights will go out earlier than usual.

From next week, we will turn off the lights on the facade of the Palace of Versailles at 10 p.m., one hour earlier, added the minister. Despite these “symbolic measures”, she called for more concrete actions for an ecological transition in museums, cinemas, theaters and all cultural sites in France.

The Musée d’Orsay in Paris, for example, reduced its energy consumption by a third just by replacing light bulbs and switching to LEDs. We try to do this in all museums, said Reema Abdul Malak. We are discussing the replacement of projection devices by cinemas. If they switch to lasers, they can significantly reduce energy consumption, she added.

Energy prices have risen sharply in recent months due to Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, and efforts are underway in many countries to cut energy supplies.

Photo: Versailles/Pixabay