Eiffel tower

What is the sex position of the Eiffel Tower?

DO YOU WANT to add a third person to your sex life? Well, the Eiffel Tower might just be the position for you.

A favorite among those who enjoy a threesome, the Eiffel Tower is the perfect sex position for group sex newcomers and veterans alike.


Find out how to make this favorite of the trio

What is the sex position of the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower position involves three or more people.

While people may think of this position as male/female/male, it can actually be with any gender combination.

How does the Eiffel Tower sex position work?

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One of the participants will get on all fours, forming the base of the tower.

Then one partner will stand in front and the other behind.

The person forming the base will then perform an oral on the person standing in front, while being penetrated by the person behind.

The two standing partners will then shake hands, or high five, above the base partner, this forms the high point of the tower.

Why is it called the Eiffel Tower sex position?

The position is named so because its appearance is similar to that of the architectural structure of the iconic French emblem.

Are there variations to this position?

Yes, there are a number of variations on this position that you can try.

Overturned Eiffel Tower

This formation is similar to that of the traditional Eiffel Tower, but instead of being on the hands and knees, the basic partner lies on their back.

Lying Eiffel Tower

In this variation, instead of standing, the two outer partners both lie on the same side, with the base partner also rolling to the side.

Two-story Eiffel Tower

This is a fourth participant, who will help form the base of the tower.

This fourth participant can face the same way as the original base partner, go head to toe, form a 69 position, or be turned over and lying on top of the other base partner.