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Winter weather with a hailstorm hits France and Germany: the Eiffel Tower hit several times by lightning

Wintry weather with a hailstorm had enveloped Germany and France in recent days, resembling the winter season, according to European weather reports.

Widespread travel disruptions occurred in both countries, with a few casualties reported in France.

In France, thunderstorms and hailstorms in the Paris region caused several lightning strikes on the Eiffel Tower.

The severe storms have caused delayed flights, large-scale power outages and scorched roofs in the area.

The country has recorded multiple casualties, including the death of a suspected French woman and the injury of 14 others.

In Germany, heavy snowfall and large hailstones covered streets in the south and west of the country, including the town of Weiler-Simmerberg.

It came nearly a year after torrential rains claimed several lives in a region of western Germany.

Winter weather and severe thunderstorms are caused by a weather system in early June.

This left German and French residents in a trail of destruction due to unprecedented extreme weather, which also brought heavy rains with flooding mainly affecting low-lying areas and communities near inland water bodies.

Severe weather in Europe

(Photo: Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

An outbreak of severe weather has affected most of Europe since last week, marked by the heavy accumulation of snowfall, large hailstones, thunder, lightning and heavy rain.

The storms reached their peak over the weekend in Western and Central Europe, mainly affecting France and Germany.

Tennis-ball sized hailstorms were reported from France to Australia, with some residents uploading photos of the transformed landscape to social media in their respective areas covered in ice and snow.

Said meteorological hazards were produced by said stormy system which formed over the North-West of France on Saturday June 4th.

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France Chaotic Scenes

As a multitude of lightning strikes passed through Paris, floods also hit the region and a major hailstorm occurred in central France.

In Paris, flights from Orly airport were temporarily suspended on Saturday with flight delays recorded at Charles de Gaulle airport, according to The Guardian.

In Rouen, a woman was killed after being swept away by raging floods. His body was found under a car in the city.

According to Météo France, the Eiffel Tower is struck by an average total of 10 lightning strikes each year.

However, he reported that around 50,000 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occurred in 24 hours nationwide, with 41,000 occurring in just 12 hours, as quoted by AccuWeather.

The European Severe Weather Database has recorded several incidents of hailstorm areas around the city of Tours.

Similar incidents also occurred in Vichy and the nearby city of Clermont-Ferrand in central France.

Intense storms in Germany

According to Euronews, intense storms brought hailstones reaching up to half a meter, most hitting the village of Wiler in Bavaria, blocking some roads with ice and making them impassable.

Heavy hailstorms also turned many streets, squares and gardens into wintry landscapes, according to the European Press Agency.

In addition, the bad weather also uprooted trees and flooded cellars.

The winter season in France and Germany, as well as some of its surrounding regions, normally runs from December to February each year.

The recent winter storm and severe thunderstorms are considered rare phenomena given their mid-year occurrence.

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