Palace of versailles

You can now stay at the Palace of Versailles for $2,000 a night | News


Image courtesy Airelles.

Looking to spend some pretty serious time and money in Europe this summer? Want to live the lavish life of a noble? You now have the opportunity to do so in one of France’s most historic buildings after the Palace of Versailles recently announced that it will start accepting visitors in a new entity called the Airelles Palace of Versailles, The Grand Control.

Artnet News reports that stays in the 17th-century palace, which was first built as a private residence for King Louis XVI, can now be booked by members of the public for prices from $2,000 per night.

The Grand Control was built in 1681 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Image courtesy Airelles.

Architect Christophe Tollemer worked with the help of a committee of cultural institutions on the restoration of the Grand Control building of 1681, which required an army of skilled craftsmen to work on parquet floors and cut stones that combine with antique furniture handpicked to create a vintage aesthetic perfect for those looking to recapture the pre-revolutionary charm of France.

A 50-foot indoor pool comes with the restoration. Image courtesy Airelles.

Hotels 14 suites are rather well laid out, with furniture inspired by the court and tapestries from Maison Pierre Frey. Visitors can enjoy access to otherwise non-public spaces as well as an indoor pool and a menu from Alain Ducasse, a French restaurateur known for his 21 Michelin stars and hotel-attached outposts like Rivea and the Louis XV. Ducasse also ran the kitchen of the The Jules Verne Eiffel Tower restaurant from 2007 to recently.

The suite of the Marquis de Fouquet. Image courtesy Airelles.

Guests will also have all-day access to the adjacent restaurant Orangery Gardens and will receive tours of the royal apartments of the palace as part of their stay. A private butler is provided and dinners will be served by waiters dressed in intricate 18th-century costumes. A private dinner accompanied by a string quartet can also be organized in one of the apartments of friends of the daughter of Louis XV on request.